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Our bodies send us signals of stress, but most of us are not taught how to listen to the cues. This talk deals with stress, toxic stress and the basics of Somatic Therapy.



After leaving my 26 year career as a television news journalist it was a big shock to learn that during my career I'd had all the signs of Vicarious Trauma, a condition that can develop when working around other people's trauma. At that time, none of us in the newsroom knew vicarious trauma was a potential issue.    

While in school studying counselling, I thought it would be helpful if all of us were to learn about how stress can become toxic, as well as learn about prevention and how we can care for ourselves in the moment.

I am so grateful for my own healing and am now passionate about creating new ways for all of us to understand stress and mental health.

My Services

Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking


Speaker and educator on stress, trauma and care in the moment.  


*Over 30 years as featured speaker, emcee and moderator for thousands of corporate, charity and community events. 


*Award-winning Television News Anchor, Writer, Producer, 

CTV Calgary News at 6 (1989-2010)

 *Award-winning documentarian;

 Writer, Producer,

Workshop Facilitator

Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking


Workshop Title: 


Why It's So Tricky 

& How Our Bodies Lead Us To Health

This workshop is ideal for professionals who deal with other people's trauma.  

Includes those in: counselling & social work, media, clergy, teaching, law, medical & emergency services. 

 Mixing personal stories with the latest in scientific research, Barb helps us detect how stress really shows up and shares how our bodies can play a critical role in awareness, healing and prevention. 

Individual Sessions

Professional Speaking

Individual Sessions


Please Note: I am not accepting new clients 

(as of  January 2020)

Sessions are open-ended for the morning or afternoon, created as your own customized workshop. 

You are invited to take breaks on our private property to integrate your experience.  

Nature heals.  

Sometimes, just sitting on a bench or walking in the trees gives a new perspective and hope. 


Certified Wellness Counsellor - Rhodes Wellness College, Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - how our thoughts suppress or support growth.  
  • Somatic Therapy - how the body guides us to relief and health.
  • Therapeutic Release -  a guided release of emotion
  • Spiritually Focused Therapy - provides insight and guidance if spirituality is important to you.

Somatic Experiencing - Somatic Experience Trauma Institute, Denver, Colorado

Somatic therapy tracks cues from the nervous system to foster a natural stress release.  For more information go to:

Embodied Awareness Facilitator - Dr. Beth Hedva, PhD, M.A., Calgary, Alberta

Embodied Awareness opens us to sensations, intuition and other ways of knowing what we know. 

Satir Model - Level II - Satir Institute of the Pacific, Vancouver, British Columbia

The Satir method is a hopeful approach to therapy. Virginia Satir (1916-1988) was a social worker known for her compassion and belief that every person has inherent self-worth.  

Additional Training includes:

Body Wisdom - Anastacia Metcalf Lundholm - techniques to release trauma held in the body.

Anger, Boundaries & Safety - Greg Gurel-healthy expression of anger and setting boundaries.

Reiki Levels I & II - Phyllis Kane, Reiki Master

Body-Mind Centring - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Esalen California

Shamanic and Nature Practices - Sandra Ingerman, New Mexico; Jaki Daniels, Calgary

Client Testimonials

"With Barb I always felt comfortable enough to reveal the deepest parts of myself that I was too afraid to show the world.  At a time when I felt like no one could truly understand what was happening in my life, Barb did.  She was able to see and help me through some of life's toughest problems.  I now walk with my head a little higher because I know that anything I encounter in life can be compassionately worked through using the skills that I've gained when working with my own emotion."    B. 

" I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to work with Barbara as my Counsellor. Although I've had training before and did a considerable amount of work to connect with my body, Barb took me to a new level. Her respect to my previous knowledge was great. Barb worked with me in a new format without limiting me into a time frame and instead allowed my body to lead the sessions. Barb supported me during the sessions, and between.  Today, I refer back to many teachings and inspirations I learned about myself through the sessions I had with Barb, the biggest one was learning my body's language. I would confidently recommend Barbara's services and her abilities to support anyone who's looking to connect deeper with their body, soul and mind."         R.

'I have worked with Barb extensively in the past. Barb was insightful, kind, warm and accepting in her guidance and skill as a counsellor.  I was able to unravel my tangled thought patterns that were keeping me trapped in a self imposed prison of perfection. She helped me find my own answers by tapping into my inner wisdom and deep knowing; she created space for me to accept and embrace my imperfections which in turn decreased my overall anxiety and increased my self love.  If you are interested in doing your own 'deep work', I recommend Barb Higgins wholeheartedly!          S.